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"The Mainstreaming of the Eurokurdist Underground" A Documentary about the Revolutionary Struggle in the Turkish State for the National Liberation of the Peoples of Turkey Published in a 23rd of August, 2004 edition of Roj-i Mustafak (Youth Movement), Ebru Sanda, the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) and the revolutionary struggle in Turkey by Oğuz Uçar and Jale Küçük THE METHOD OF CHIVALRY After 30 years of an oppressed and submissive life of more than 1.3 million Kurds, who, in spite of being a big and important minority in Turkey, was slated as a nation-less nation, the two million people of Turkey is still being bossed by the same methods of chivalry. This is not a mere theory, as these practices become a reality. There are still more than 5,000 human rights abuses every year in Turkey and, amongst these, the most important one is the manipulation of the press. The Supreme Court of Turkey, which is the most corrupted institution in the country, under the instruction of the Turkish Parliament, which is the most corrupted institution of the country, is always ready to sell the news itself. It must make sure that the more widespread news, the better for the person who is offering the news, which is then accepted as the truth. When the Kurdish question was opened by the parliament on September 16, 1938, Prime Minister Recep Pasha tried to bring the voice of the Kurdish peoples down to a man: “We have never heard the sound of Turkish drums in the village and marshland of the Turkish state, but the noise of drums could be heard in those places and the town after the coming of the Ottoman state.” (ref: Milliyet, September 16, 1938) As a preliminary, the meaning of the word “Turkish” was eliminated and those speaking their own language were prevented from expressing themselves by the Turkish National Assembly, which declared Turkey’s republic a secular state. As a result of this, the teachers of public schools, who could speak the language of their respective places, were




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The Reader Movie Free Download In Hindi For Mobile [Latest-2022]

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