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of hope



Furthermore, you too can become a missionary today by helping to send what has become superfluous in your area, but is needed elsewhere. By talking with your own pastor you can discover if the parish has Church ornaments or furnishing that it no longer requires. Perhaps several parishes have been amalgamated and this means that in the sacristy there could be a number of chalices in excess of what the parish needs, perhaps some vestments that are no longer used, or the tabernacle from a church now demolished. All these things can be like mana from heaven for a poor parish in Peru, and containers that transport all this are real containers of hope.


 Since 2004, friends and priests associated to the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Michael the Archangel in the south of Chicago began the task of sharing the gifts and talents which God grants us every day. For our part it was nothing less than a loving avalanche of generosity by a group fired up with enthusiasm to send a container to Peru filled with warm clothing, medicine, food and many other things.

It was a container of hope for people with very poor economic prospects, living in remote and impoverished areas, and where during some months of the year they suffer from intense cold and are undernourished.

From that year on we have been sending help to Peru, and as time passed we came to realize that people not only need food and clothing for their bodies but also nourishment for their souls. As a result of this, a number of parishes in Chicago and the surrounding dioceses began to send church furnishings and catechetical material to Peru. Thus they have been able to give a helping hand to six dioceses and a number of religious institutes, fraternities, and the like.

We pack in the Spring and in the Summer, and so far have sent more than 43 containers by sea. These large metal boxes, some forty feet in length, carry hope and sustenance for those who are trying to spread the Gospel of Christ; and with your help we can continue this task of sharing goods and services in a world that all too often is selfish and uncaring.

With your help we can buy and pay for the shipment of more hope.

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