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Our history



Priestly Fraternity Saint Michael The Archangel

In the year 2004, in the parish of Saint Michael, the Reverend Father Robert Roman Perez created a Fraternity with the status of A Private Association of the Faithful. Some years later, in 2012, by virtue of an Episcopal Decree, N° 008-12, the Bishop of the Prelature of Huamachuco, in the north of Peru, gave the Fraternity the status of A Public Association of the Faithful, open to candidates, both clerical and lay, who wish to live in community in order to promote their sanctity.


The Constitutions of the Fraternity emphasize that there is complete equality amongst the brothers in relation to their standing in the community, and the only difference between them stems from their different functions ––some of the brothers will have received the Sacrament of Holy Orders––.


Both the brothers who are presbyters and those who are laymen, by virtue of their baptism, work jointly in order to spread the saving message of our Lord Jesus Christ. All the brethren promise to keep the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty, and obedience.*

Our Patrons


San Miguel



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San José

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